Client Service

One of the most essential things for sustenance and development of your business is experienced and outgoing customer service. Majority of customers can leave due to bad customer treatment they have received at your customer service line. Contrarily, they may turn into loyal users after helpful CS session. Thus, your company’s reputation highly depends on how good your representatives are. At UKI Service we are ready to provide you with experts  who not only do their job well, they LOVE doing it.
We deliver our service in several ways: over phone lines, over email consultation and online chat systems. Our representatives rely on their own prolonged experience in this area and are eager to face your customers using the power of “5 P’s”:
  1. Politeness – using user-friendly language always helps to tender most frustrated customers and utterly
turn the course of conversation.
  2. Persuasion – our team’s speech craft skills aim at waking up interest in any potential client you might
have and turning them into actual ones.
  3. Patience – the art of listening customers up when they are confused and getting the point of their problem
stays hand in hand with the ability to stay cool under the hardest pressure. Our representatives value
these qualities and implement them in every conversation with customers.
  4. Permanence – the ability to help clients 24/7 is very important, as the need of our support might be
sudden and unexpected.
  5. Profit – the most important object of customer service is not a service for service’s sake, but real help
and finding a way to solve client’s issue eventually.
The fact we have all these qualities makes our team best for customer service and able to provide most exceptional
outsource handling.